Perian 1.1.4

Na endlich!

Als ich gerade mal wieder versuchen wollte, mit Quicktime eine .mkv abzuspielen wurde ich nett auf das Perian 1.1.4 Update hingewiesen.

Nun lassen sich auch endlich die subtitles abschalten und ich kann VLC endgültig bye bye sagen, zumindest wenn ich lokal etwas abspiele! In Sachen streaming ist der vlc player bisher einfach ungeschlagen!

Hier nun noch die patchnotes:
Forced VobSub subtitles are imported into a separate track [r1015]
Added initial DTS passthrough via similar mechanisms as AC3 [r1024]
Support old ffmpeg-generated MKV files with no enabled tracks [r1021]
10.6-compatible preference pane [r1085]
Fixed „Load External Subtitles“ checkbox [r998]
Fixed crash/freeze when loading broken VobSub subtitles [r1000, r1034]
Fixed import of uncompressed audio in FLV [r1007]
Fixed import of some audio tracks; should improve iApps [r1042, r1088]
Fixed CRAM codec AVI in browsers [r1010]
Worked around bug in iChat codec loading [r1008]
Never allows Apple’s code to handle AC3 data anymore so passthrough works more often [r1014]
Doesn’t try to decode some RGB colorspaces (such as in Camtasia) that aren’t supported [r1039]
Fixed some 16-bit RGB codecs on Intel [r1039]
Fixed importing movie files with no video tracks (regression from r706) [r1042]
Fixed H264 crash in put_h264_qpel8_h_lowpass_l2_ssse3 (in FFmpeg)
Fixed crash with corrupt first frame [r1061]
Fixed BMP/RLE in AVI [r1078]
Fixed several memory leaks [r1086]
Fixed a problem with wrong channel order in DTS 5.1 [r1076]
Fixed possible conflict with UniversalDetector.framework [r1100]
Fixed garbage characters appearing at the end of a line with some fonts [r1013]
Better handling of invalid SSA files [r1013]
Fixed rendering of multi-layer subtitles [r1016]
Fixed SRT files using ‚,‘ for decimals [r1019]
Ignored SSA shapes and \blur instead of misparsing them [r1027, r1036]
Disabled vertical font support again to fix files wrongly using it for Latin text [r1027]
Fixed subtitles in MKV wrongly displaying at the end of a video [r1036]
Better handling of \move and \org [r1063, r1103]
Compilation under 10.4 is no longer supported.
A52Codec has been deprecated and will be replaced by an LGPL decoder in a future release.